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Every individual has a set of personality and characteristics which defines an identity. Every identity encourages a diverse walks of life ranging from rich to poor, difference in lifestyle, interest or passion.

Our poker clothing holds a metaphorical idea of how an individual plays his/her hand in a game of poker reflects on a person’s identity. We bring individuals from various walks of life and inspire not to give in to restrictions via #neverfoldinlife

Kiz Urban holds strong to the same core beliefs that drove them since day one. Kiz Urban sees urbanwear as more than just another “fashion” and something far from simply a “clothing” he see it as a way of life, a lifestyle and an identity. it is a lifestyle that Kiz Urban feels brings together a vast assortment of countercultures: from artist, to musicians, to dancers, to any creative like minded individual and exposes the individual to a free of prejudice.

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